Sleep the Season

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Niagara, Ontario

Sleepthe Season is an acoustic based Rock/Pop band from the Niagara Regionof Ontario, Canada. During their three years as a band, Sleep theSeason have released two EP's (Under Stars - 2005, Four Songs - 2008)and one LP (Don't Make a Move - 2006). During this time they have alsotoured Central and Eastern Canada multiple times, creating a nationalfan base.

With over 200 shows under their belt, including performancesat NXNE, SCENE Festival and 102.1 The Edge's Nu Music Nite, Sleep theSeason have been lucky enough to share the stage with such bands asWinter Sleep, Two Hours Traffic, The Stills, and In-Flight Safety.Cellist, Greg Goertzen has also made appearances on the recordings ofNoah's Arkweld as well as Cain and Abel and Everything Was Perfectamongst others.

With their latest release, Four Songs, Sleep the Seasonexplore a new side to their music with songs that have a more excitingand powerful sound to them and hope to reach a wider audience.

Sleepthe Season's music has been described as 'melodic' and 'catchy as hell'and appeals to listeners of all ages. It is not uncommon to findteenagers at the same show as their mothers or even grandmothers tolisten to the band perform their songs.

February 2008

Dave Fontaine - Vocals
Greg Goertzen - Cello
Justin Fortier - Guitar
Ben Audet - Drums / Vocals

'Four Songs' - EP - Release date - February 10th, 2008
'Don't Make A Move' - LP - Released Sept 5th 2006
'Under Stars' - EP - Released Sept 6th, 2005

Sleep the Season
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