My Own Chaos




Today’s Toronto is more than happy to bridge the gap between the west and east and introduce “MY OWN CHAOS.” MY OWN CHAOS is a mix of hardcore heavy rock with metal that came together in 2008 and have been cranking out there message ever since. Its been said that they unite a wide variety of influences from such bands as Pantera, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More and Static X the band carves a unique sound for themselves.

What really seems to set this band apart is Connie Chaoss, her vocals and passion for the music are just incredible. This is definitely music that will make you wanna get a party going...or possibly lead to high speeds on the highway!

With a few successful tours across Western Canada under their belt, they are preparing for an upcoming tour across Canada in the hope to promote their independent album! The album sends the message that even a breakdown can actually be a breakthrough!

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