Jessie Yang

jessie_yang_1_smallI didn’t want to keep Jessie waiting to long for me to put this feature together since I learned that “waiting” is one of Jessie’s pet peeves, and personally, it’s my biggest pet peeves too. So this morning I made it a priority to get this story done and published :)

Jessie says she’s always been a little impatient and stubborn, even since childhood. However, I found that strange because to me since she comes off as being really nice and very calm, and when I asked her if there was anything that she would change about herself, she said no. She likes the way she is and doesn’t want to change anything.jessie_yang_2_small

I found out that Jessie is 100% Chinese and even spent the majority of her life growing up in China. She said “I grew up in a very traditional Chinese family where my parents valued discipline and education very much. When I was 5 years old, they sent me to piano lessons and when I was 10 I was already taking “extra academic” lessons outside of school. The competition is very intense over there; you just have to be constantly learning, so there is not much time for playing!”

To Jessie, modeling is just another form of acting, and her love for the arts has made acting something she has always wanted to do, even since her childhood. It was when she got to university though that she was able to grasp that love and desire and get in front of the camera. She says that her favorite styles are creative concepts; she always wants to get into pictures that convey strong emotions. “I want to be able to create images that will inspire others and generate a story in their minds.” She explains.

Eyes are the most favorite part of her own body Jessie explains, because she says she can make them smile in photos and she has been proving that for the last 2 years now. :) When the opportunity arises though, she says she wants those eyes to smile in clothing by Alexander Wang. Why? She says “I’ve always wore pretty, feminine and dressy clothes before and it’d be pretty interesting to see myself in a slightly “manlier” design.”

Even though Jessie loves Tyra Banks for being a great role model for young women, her personal role model has been her mom, saying “My mom is a beautiful woman and wonderful person.jessie_yang_4_small She has done so much for me and my sister and will forever be my role model! I look up to her in a lot of areas especially her strong will and independence as a woman.”

When it comes to fame, I really liked her point of view; she said “Fame is like money, you can put it to good or bad uses. Some people abuse their fame, while others use their popularity for good causes like promoting a charity or education for an awareness issue. I’d like to be the latter.”

When it comes to weight and living a healthy lifestyle, Jessie takes things seriously. In fact, she is currently graduating at the University of Toronto for Psychology and Nutrition and is working towards becoming a registered dietitian. She says keeping a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape should be everyone’s goal, not just for models...but even she admits cookies, pizzas and all foods essentially are really hard for her to resist.

If Jessie could do one positive thing she says “I would change the way the media sees a woman’s “ideal” weight and promote self confidence in adolescent girls struggling with weight issues or eating disorders.”